Mixing Essential Oils

An essential oil is hydrophobic which means that it does not like water and cannot mix with it. Add a drop of lemon in a glass of water and you will see it float on the surface. Agitating the water will cause the molecule to divide into smaller one but it will never blend with it completely. The result is much more homogenous when using another oil product such as whipped cream, ice cream or butter.

In cooking, simply mix the essential oil drops into a teaspoon olive oil or any other oil before adding it to the dish.

For massages and skin care, add the essential oil to the carrier oil of your choice, it will improve the absorption of your formula. Check the many benefits of carrier oils, they will enhance or potentiate the properties of essential oils.

Essential oil drop in rubbing alcohol will blend well and make an excellent disinfectant. Try bergamot, tangerine, lemon or lavender aspic with a little rosemary and thyme. Creating your own recipe is the fun part.