Peppermint and irritable bowel syndrome and pain relief

Mentha piperta is one of the rare plants of which the oil contains 100% of the plant’s numerous properties, we will list the ones related to the above ailments:

  1. It relieves stomach pain.
  2. It is an antispasmodic of the stomach and colon.
  3. It is a urinary and intestinal anti-inflammatory
  4. It is a powerful pain reliever, it has an “icing” effect which makes it indispensable for local blows and hematomas.
  5. It is an analgesic as it relieves the pain and numbs the area notably by constricting blood vessels
  6. It calms pruritis thus it should be used in synergy with lavander for rashes, hives, poison oak hives, eczema…
  7. Used on temples and forehead, it calms migraines and tension headaches. Always use one drop or two, no more than three as essential oils are very potent.

Studies on peppermint essential oil have shown its efficacy and you will note that most of the medications used for stomach pain and indigestion are now peppermint coated. For intestinal pain, use 1 drop of peppermint, 1 drop of tarragon, 1 drop of coriander.

Peppermint belongs in a first aid kit to be used immediately after a trauma with no open wounds. Applied on the area of trauma, it stops the pain instantly diminishing or even completely arresting the formation of a hematoma (bruise). If a small bruising appears later, helichrysum can then be applied twice a day to hasten the healing process.

Peppermint is toxic for babies even topically, it is contraindicated for pregnant women, no essential oils should be used in eyes or ears. If splashed in eyes, rinse with almond oil not water as it doesn’t mix with water.