Anxiety (Dr. Willem):

Lavender (augustifolia) 10 drops

Roman Chamomile 3 drops

Neroli 1 drop

Sweet almond 10 drops

Massage solar plexus with a few drops of your preparation.


Hormonal Symptoms (Dominique Baudoux):

Roman Chamomile 2 cc

Ylang Ylang 2 cc

Clary Sage 1 cc

Apply the mixture at the base of the spinal cord. You may apply a small amount to palms then cup your hands and inhale, or diffuse while resting.


Try your own preparation, you may adjust the following doses to your taste:

Clary Sage 2 1/2 cc

Lavender (augustifolia) 2 cc

Bergamot 2 cc                                                essential oils with herbs on science sheet

Roman Chamomile 2 cc

Ylang Ylang 1/2 cc

Fennel 1/2 cc

Palmarosa 1/2 cc

Apply topically to chest, nape, wrists, inhale or diffuse.


Use a new pipette for each oil, keep in a tightly closed container away from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes, do not apply in ears or nose.

Enjoy the therapy!