Cellulite or “orange skin”, a beautiful woman’s nightmare, a gray cloud in a summer sky… how can we restore it to that of a baby smooth skin? First and foremost, enjoy the beach with or without a perfect skin, consume plenty of vegetables including fennel and asparagus which are mild diuretics, and add vigorous aerobic exercises to your routine.

All oils that assist in eliminating water retention and stimulating the lymphatic system can be used in a very easy homemade lotion. Gather your favorite oils with the appropriate properties and mix them with a carrier oil that penetrates well.

The best essential oils for this project are as follows:

Lemon which has a filtering action on water, grapefruit, bergamot and yuzu smooth and firm the skin, tangerine eliminates water but also absorbs fat, crithmum maritimum eliminates fat, water and also tones, juniper berry filters and eliminates water, geranium and rosemary dislodge fat reserves, rosewood firms but can also be used for its beautiful aroma, cypress improves the lymphatic circulation and dissipates the feeling of heavy legs. Helichrysum eliminates fat. One can also add peppermint or black pepper as stimulants.

Suggested carrier oils:

Rose musk, sweet almond, Macademia nut. Add 10 drops of the selected oils for each 15 cc (one ounce= 30 cc) of carrier oil. Always include one or two citrus oils such as bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, yuzu in your preparation but remember that most citrus oils are photosensitive, you must wait a few hours after a skin application before any sun exposure as you may see some redness develop. Yuzu is the only one that is not photosensitive due to the method of distillation employed for this particular citrus. 

Recipe for the beginner:

  • Sweet almond oil   40cc
  • Grapefruit  eo         30cc
  • Tangerine   eo          5cc
  • Juniper berry eo       5cc
  • Cypress   eo            10cc
  • Sage        eo            10cc

A couple of drops of black pepper can be added before a work out.

Always use meticulous cleanliness when mixing your oils, keep them out of sunlight in a dry area and they will conserve well for a few months when blended.

Enjoy the therapy!