Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

The renewed interest in aromatherapy has inspired many to join in the sale of essential oils but not all essential oils are therapeutic, many contain synthetic ingredients, some are extracted for cosmetic purposes only. Oil Bliss etc offers oils that are selected under rigorous scrutiny and are for the majority issued from:

  • Wild plants grown in their natural habitat without the intervention of man, a proof of their purest, integral quality, meaning without degradation or modification.
  • Plants cultivated an distilled under the scrutiny of experts and certified by an independent laboratory (Ecocert).
  • Or plants cultivated in their country of origin without chemicals following the same strict regulations but where certifications are not available. The quality of these oils is also pure and integral. 

  All plants are harvested at the time when plants have reached the highest amount of therapeutic properties, they are distilled on site to preserve their freshness and produce the finest oils.These essential oils are all pure, natural and not modified, they are the integral part of the plant, its most therapeutic element. They are certified therapeutic grade essential oils.