My Favorite Essential Oils

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The citrus essential oils are uplifting, their scent sends a ray of sunshine through swaying branches, open windows and sheer curtains. Bergamot essential oil is just a little more, nearly intoxicating, it is one that can never be forgotten.

Lavender is soothing and calming, it brings back the delightful colors of Provence and adds freshness to just washed linen. A drop on a pillow case will ensure a restful night and pleasant dreams, moreover its healing properties make it indispensable.

Rose de Damas, what a treasure! This symbol of beauty fights against aging 24/7 and is offered to us at an unbeatable price. Don’t wait!

Oregano, tea tree, helichrysum, palmarosa among many others have a place of honor in my house…so many essential oils to enjoy but I must emphasize on the use of these wonderful nourishing carrier oils, particularly Evening primrose mentioned by Dr. Oz on his educational show.

It’s spring cleaning in my bathroom cabinet and Nature is stepping in with all organic essential oils and carrier oils, enjoy the therapy!