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SP Ceramic Aromister

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This elegant electric aromatherapy diffuser, uses ultrasonic vibration technology to delightfully scent a room through a gentle mist. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil to half a cup of distilled or tap water and you will enjoy three continuous hours of therapy, a spa in a bottle!

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Product Description

This sculpted ceramic diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to send a gentle mist scented with your favorite oils. Select the right essential oil that will enhance your mood, awaken your senses or bring peace, add a few drops and you will enjoy three continuous hours of aromatherapy.

The classic black ceramic adds elegance to any room, it finds a place on a night stand or in a living room to create the perfect atmosphere. Its simplicity makes it easy to use anywhere and provide aromatherapy in minutes.

Check our waterless diffuser if you prefer true essential oil diffusion.

Enjoy the Therapy!

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