Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia)


More than a beautiful scent, it is a remarkable antalgic, hypotensive, calming, antidepressant, antispasmodic. It belongs at hands reach as it relieves burns and itch from insect bites upon application.

Product Description

Lavander officinale or true lavander: lavandula Augustifolia
Origin: France (Provence)
Cultivation: biologic
Quality: 100% pure, natural and integral
Parts distilled: flowering tops

Scent: suave, aromatic, herbaceous, fresh with floral notes

Main biochemical components:
Monoterpenols: Linalol (29.69%), terpinene-4-ol (3.23)
Monoterpenes: (Z)-beta-ocimene (4.58%), (E)-beta-ocimene (3.31%)
Ester terpenic: acetate of linalyle, acetate of lavandulyle (3.92%)

• Nervous system regulator
• Calming, antidepressant
• Powerful antispasmodic
• General and pulmonary antiseptic
• Hypotensive
• Powerful cutaneous healing agent
• Remarkable antalgic


• Cutaneous allergies, infections, acne, psoriasis

• Razor rash, stretch marks. insect bites

• Hypertension,

• Nervous reactions: asthma, nausea, migraines


• Relaxation: marjoram, palmarosa, ylang ylang
• Diffusion: same as above
• Hypertension: ylang ylang
• Cutaneous afflictions: tea tree