Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)


A sweet soft scent characteristic of geraniums, purifying and regenerating, it can be used for eczema, zona and acne. In diffusion it deters insects.

Product Description

Geranium rosat: pelargonium graveolens:

Origin: Egypt

Cultivation: biological, certified by Ecocert

Quality: 100 % pure and natural

Scent: soft, sweet, herbal, pleasing.

Main biochemical components:
Monoterpenol, terpenic esters, ketones, sesquiterpenols

• Powerful antifongal
• Antibacterial
• Antalgic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Insect repellant

• Prevent stretch marks
• Hemorrhoids
• Mycoses
• Epitaxis (nose bleeds)
• Rhumatism

External use: frictions on solar plexus, thorax, nape for pain, along spine for fatigue. in diffusion for mosquitoes.

Synergies: lemon, cupressus, cedarwood for slimming. Lavandula, clary sage, marjoram as an antibacterial blend. May be used in diffusion as well.