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Diffuser nebulizer


This elegant diffuser will awake or tame your senses, bring joy or calm, invigorate or prepare you for a good night sleep. It will find its place in a bedroom, office or work out area.

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Product Description

A perfect way to diffuse essential oils and preserve their properties by cold pulverization of micro droplets in the atmosphere, nebulization is considered the best method to deliver therapeutic results.

The Venturi system is equipped with a timer to protect the quiet pump and a switch to regulate the diffusion.
The LED lighting slowly changes from red to green, purple and blue. Efficient and elegant, it can be displayed anywhere in your home.

The fine glassware is removable and easily cleaned with warm water and/or alcohol; it can also be replaced separately.

The motor is guarantied for a year from date of purchase.
Height: 6.1 inches