Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)


A pleasing soft, spicy aroma that activates all energy cells, antibacterial, antiviral, mildly analgesic, this essential oil also eases digestion while decreasing bloating and is a great source of vitamin K .

Product Description

Coriander: coriandrum sativum
Origin: Russia
Cultivation: conventional
Quality: 100% pure and natural

Scent: aromatic, spicy, soft, very pleasant.

Main biochemical composition: Monoterpenols, monoterpenes, terpenic ketones, terpenic esters

• Antibacterial
• Antiviral
• Analgesic
• General tonic

• Rheumatismal pain
• Arthrose
• Digestive problems

External use: Dilute with carrier oil of choice, massage abdomen for digestive problems, on the painful area and along spine and wrists for calming effects.

Juniper, tangerine, coriandre, macademia oil, massage abdomen with blend.