Cedarwood (Juniperus virginia)


Woody, typical cedar scent. This interesting oil can decongest the lymphatic as well as the venous system. It eliminates hydrolipid retention as in cellulite and is a respectable antiseptic and anti-fungal product.

Product Description

Cedarwood: juniperus viginia
Origin: United States
Distilled parts: Wood
Cultivation: wild

Scent: woody similar to santal, typical of cedrus.

Chemical composition: Sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols.


• Venous decongestant
• Phlebotonic
• Lymphotonic (stimulate circulation)
• Lymphatic decongestant.


• Varices, hemorrhoids
• Heavy legs
• Eczema

May use with carrier oil macadamia and EO orange to nourish and firm. A beauty cocktail for the whole body.