Cedarwood Atlas (Juniperus atlantica) BIO


Juniperus atlas, a spicy and smoky scent that reminds one of the outdoors, great to fight parasites and germs, used for healthy scalps and beautiful shinny hair.

Product Description

Cedarwood: cedrus atlantica
Distilled Parts: wood
Origin: Maroc
Cultivation: biologic, certified by Ecocert
Quality: 100% pure and natural

Scent: Sweet, warm and woody.

Main biochemical composition:
Sesquiterpenes, ketones sesquiterpenes


• Powerful lymph drainer, diuretic
• Lipolytic (elimination of fats)
• Respiratory decongestant
• Relaxing


• Cellulite
• Arthrosclerosis
• Oily hair and skin
• Hair loss

Diffusion, citrus and lavander. Cellulite, christa marina, fennel, grapefruit and lemon. Mosquito repellant, geranium and citronnela. Hematomas, laurus nobilis, cedrus atlantica, helichrysum italicum, 2 to 3 applications daily until notable improvement.

The older the bruise, the longer the treatment nevertheless its effectiveness is unchanged.