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Bruriti (Mauritia flexuosa) Virgin, BIO


Rich in provitamin A and vitamin E, this oil is used for UV protection, rehydration and revitalization. Its luminous color gives skin, radiance and hair, brilliance. Can be mixed with hazelnut oil.

Product Description

Bruriti: Mauritia flexuosa or Mauritia vinifera

Origin: Amazone

Pressed parts: seeds

Cultivation: wild

Quality: 100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold press, without chemical treatment. Cosmetic use only

Fatty acids composition:

  • Essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids or vitamin F : linoleic acid (omega 6) (10.60%)
  • Mono-unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid (63.94%)
  • Saturated fatty acids: palmitic acid (17.17%), stearic acid (4.41%)

Oleic from the latin oleum means oil. This lipid belongs to the family of omega-9. It is the most abundant of the mono-unsaturated long chain fatty acid. Very nourishing to the skin, it soothes, softens and promotes radiance.

 Other active components:

  • Provitamin A  (carotenoid): responsible for the color of the oil and giving an effect of good health, powerful antioxidant and photoprotector.
  • Tocopherols (Vitamin E): powerful natural antioxidant

The bruriti tree, also called aguaje and the tree of life, originates from the Amazone, it can reach 90 to 120 feet and can yield 900 fruit. Inside the hard shell of this fruit lies an orange pulp rich in carotenoid used by the indigenes to heal a sunburn. A true carotenoid concentrate, it can absorb UV and neutralize the free radicals responsible for damages from the environment.

  • Potentiate tanning
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Emolient
  • Gives a healthy look
  • Preserve a tan
  • Sallow skins
  • Damaged skins
  • Great for a summer look