Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) BIO (10ml)


A spicy, exciting scent that blends well with many other scents. Useful in sports to prepare muscles before workouts and to some… an aphrodisiac.

Product Description

Black pepper: Piper negrum
Origin: Madagascar
Distilled parts: fruit
Cultivation: biologic, certified by Ecocert
Quality: 100% pure, natural and integral

Scent: spicy, warm, characteristic of pepper

Main biochemical components:
• Monoterpenes: limonene (21.70%), alpha-pinene (12.83%), beta-pinene (13.46%), delta-3- carene (11.86%), sabinene (0.42%)

• Sesquiterpenes: beta-caryophyllene (19.92%)

• Powerful stimulant of degestive glands
• Stimulate circulation
• Prepares muscles for work outs
• Antalgic (very effective for dental pain)

• Toothaches
• Laryngitis, bronchitis
• Muscular fatigue
• Fever
• Rhumatism

External use:
Local application on cavities, diffusion in small quantity


Diffusion with ylang ylang, rosemary, sandalwood, lavander for a warm ambiance

Smoking cessation: one drop to tongue with lemon oil to assist in smoking cessation.