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Argan (Argania spinoza) Virgin, BIO


A treasure from Marocco, the entire fruit is harvested to ensure a high quality product. The argan oil has a pleasing aroma, and a high amount of Omega 6 and vitamin E making it a wonderful nourishing, hydrating, and toning product. It can be mixed with hazelnut or macademia nut oil for better absorption.

Product Description

Argan: Argania spinosa

Pressed parts: fruit picked from the tree, selected and unroasted

Cultivation biologic, certified by Ecocert labs

Quality: 100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold press, with no chemical treatment. For cosmetic use only

Origin: Maroc

A very particular attention is given to the harvest and selection of the whole fruit which must not in any way be incomplete. The argan is dried in the sun after which the pulp is separated from the pit. The pit is cracked which demands a rapid and precise maneuver to extricate the kernel. The pressing of the kernel, also called arganon, is done mechanically without heat which allows the oil to have no contact with water and thus retain its authenticity and quality, offering a beautiful golden color and a pleasing, soft scent.

A cooperative composed of 72 berber women whose skills are unparalleled is in charge of the complete process. The women receive wages much higher than the average salary in Marocco. The near totality of the productivity is sold to our distributors who also offer the cooperative 1% of the entire sale profit.

It is comforting to know that  the working conditions of these women are respected and the quality of the product is undeniably one of the best.

Scent: soft, pleasing

Touch: oily

Fatty acid composition: 

  • Poly-usaturated fatty acids or vitamin F : linoleic acid (omega 6) (32.92%)
  • Mono-unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid (46.88%)
  • Saturated fatty acids: palmitic acid (12.18%), stearic acid (6.09%)

Other components :  

  • Tocopherols (vitamine E): natural antioxidant
  • Phenolic (ferulic acid, syringic and vanillic): antioxidant (responsible in part for the anti-cholesterol property of this oil)
  • Triterpenic alcohols (beta-amyrine, butyrospermol, tirucallol): skin protection, antifongic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory
  • Sterols (spinasterol and schottenol): improve the microcirculation, slows down cutaneous aging, anti-inflammatory, protects against UV rays
  • Carotenoid and xanthophylles: antioxidant and photoprotective
  • Triacylglyceride: helps retain suppleness, helps repair the lipidic film of the skin and softens the skin 


  • Firms
  • Repairs
  • Fades scars from acne, burns
  • Antiaging, neutralizes free radicals
  • Protects from the environment
  • Aging skin
  • Dry skin
  • Skin cracks
  • Scarring from acne
  • Hand cream
  • Massage cream
  • Antiaging cream