An Intro To Organic Oils

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Organic oils come from plants that are grown in their natural habitat that is to say in an environment and climate that ensure an optimized therapeutic and aromatic oil. The cultivators follow strict agricultural ethics, they use no chemicals, no antibiotics or herbicides, and protect the plants they grow as well as their environment to which they feel a connection as in the case of the decline of lavender, the emblem of Provence. Another example of a prized plant we offer is the helichrysum, it is produced in a region of Corsica classified as a UNESCO world heritage for the varieties of fauna, flora and the endemic properties of some species. The region is reputed for providing a high quality plant while being diligently protected.

Once grown, plants are harvested at the precise time when the molecular structure specific to each specie has just matured and is thought to provide the highest therapeutic properties and aroma. The careful distillation begins onsite when the plants are fresh to avoid any loss of quality. In the “old world”, distillation is a process that is often passed on from generation to generation and the¬†little secrets shared along the way are what transform the conventional method into an art. For instance, the helichrysum from Corsica is distilled just a little longer to get more active properties for your benefit.

In addition to biological culture, our producers also extract precious oils from wild plants grown ecologically in their habitat. The agriculture of the argan nut for example, is done with the help of a cooperative of 72 Maroccan women who oversee the quality of the harvest and the fabrication of the oil. Their revenu is well above the base salary of Marocco and 1% of all the profit of the sales is returned to them.

There exist an honest professional relationship with the producers and their specialized and well qualified team. We appreciate their knowledge, the high quality of their products, their dedication to the environment and their generosity toward welcoming neighbors.

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